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"With help you will be well again"

"In April of 2020 I gave birth to a baby girl. The birth experience was awful and resulted in postpartum anxiety. My symptoms were crazy. Insomnia, loss of appetite, panic attacks, inability to focus. I had no joy anymore, only fear. I was scared of zoloft, I was scared of lorazepam. I was scared that I'd never be the same.

I cried to God so many times, praying for my life back. I had tried so many things, meditating, therapy, chiropractor, weed, acupuncture... nothing touched my anxiety.

I had to be on zoloft for 5 weeks before it fully took affect. I had some relief at 3 weeks, a little more at 4 and then at 5 weeks I felt like me again.

Every day I researched my symptoms, swearing I wasnt normal. Id come my online support group desperate to hear from moms who got better.

Today, I'm that mom. I got better. Zoloft helped balance my neurotransmitters. Im still the same me! I got off zoloft just fine when I was ready.

I want you to know that I see you. I know your struggle and pain. Its so hard and you are doing an incredible job. You will get through this and you aren't alone ❤"

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