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PANDA Fundraiser 2020

At The Penthouse, The Island Gold Coast

PANDA is a wonderful organisation that is helping more than 100,000 families every year with perinatal mental health and so during PANDA Week 2020 we decided to throw a fundraiser to help with their increased demand due to Covid-19. The fundraiser was such a beautiful day with so many generous people, organisations and small businesses donating money, products and time to make it what it was! We had some phenomenal women speak such as Dr Libby Quinn The Women’s Psychologist, Nicola Laye a Breath and Wellness Coach who did a mini breathing class, Arianna Boreham who gave us a very raw and real account of her battle with postnatal depression, Chrissy Forbes Women’s Health Physiotherapost, Amelia Phillips Nutritionist and Podcaster and Sarah Male The Mummy Trainer. We managed to raise over $6,000 that day with Baby Bunting’s incentive to match each donation made through ticket sales and our huge raffle with over 20 prizes won!
It was a beautiful day and we keep being asked if we are doing it every year, so stay tuned!

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