Mental & Pelvic Health Survey

In 2020, this survey was completed by 599 Australian women through social media outlets. The aim of this survery was to shine a light on health and wellbeing epidemics for pelvic floor and mental illness - depression and anxiety.

The results showed:

  • average age 25-34 years old

  • 93% of participants were mothers

  • Only 55% knew how to do pelvic floor exercises

  • Only 5.9% do their pelvic floor exercises everyday

  • Only 23.9% never leak urine

  • 44.1% are enduring painful sex

  • 47% did not know what a Women's Health Physio was

  • Only 22% of participants knew what was considered safe exercise after having a baby

  • 51.3% had experienced perinatal depression and anxiety 

  • Only 17% received treatment for their mental health

These results acknowledge the prevalence of the lack of pelvic health education and women finding support and treatment for perinatal mental health conditions. This reinforces our why! Here at The Power of Birth we want every woman to understand their mind and bodies better, receive early education and support and increase the quality of life for all women. We will continue to advocate for women's health and be the voice so many women needed prior and still do!

It is important to remember this survey was completed for market research only.

See survey results below.