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Additional Mama Resources

Your wellbeing is just as important as your children's and so we have put together some additional reputable people and resources that we personally recommend to help you understand your thoughts and body better, leading to a happier mama

Additional Resources: Services

Nicola Laye

Breath & Wellness Coach

Nicola is a mum of two and has been in the women's health industry for over 20 years and is one incredible woman! She is passionate about her work and continues creating a space and community where women are supported, a place where they can get their questions answered without feeling judged and be empowered with tools, techniques and skills to deal with life as a woman. She discovered breath work through being a Pilates instructor and after kicking goals in that field and having some scary but remarkable experiences herself, she pursued breath work and she has a real gift! Nicola is personally recommended by us and is on the Gold Coast but has loads of really great online content and resources. If you are feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, lost, unheard, unseen, disconnected, breathwork is for you!

We all need a little bit of Nicola in our lives!

You can also find her on Instagram @nicolalaye

Breathe & Relax MeditationNicola Laye
00:00 / 13:43

The perfect meditation by Nicola Laye to help you breathe and relax. We recommend doing something like this for yourself every day! Inhale the calm and exhale the overwhelm.

Mama Tribe

Mama meet-up community

Through Mama Tribe, you can find local mums in your area who are interested in catching up online or in person for coffee dates, play dates, movie nights or walks. Members and Ambassadors hold regular meet ups where you can connect with local mamas. You can even host or create your own meet up mama tribe!


Mama Podcasts!

Podcasts are a great way to hear from others who have been right where you are or to help make meaning of your own experiences.

Here are a few of our favourites! Most podcasts are available on any podcast app.

By Amelia Phillips

A relatable and real podcast that advocates for women’s health and wellbeing. This podcast is a great listen for every mama who is ready to regain control of their body, mind and life!

Can we talk about this.png

A podcast that talks about taboo topics surrounding motherhood and the gaps in women’s health, with a special focus on perinatal health. We provide practical tips, education and perspective through our guests and ultimately aim to start the conversation to shift the way we think and practice in women’s health and maternal health.

By The Power of Birth

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nurtured village.jpg
2022-06-24 14_01_30-The Good Enough Mother on Apple Podcasts.png
313x0w (1).webp
2022-07-19 20_43_41-The Midwives' Cauldron _ Podcast on Spotify.png

By Nikki McCahon

Motherland shares real, raw and unbelievable stories  each week from a mum somewhere in rural Australia.
You'll hear stories of true grit, resilience, grief and pure joy.

By Katie James & Dr Rachel Reed

By Rebecca 

A podcast holding space for the untold stories of motherhood and mental illness in Australia.

A podcast with evidence based information and expert guests sharing birth education and information that you will wish you had!

By Dr Sophie Brock

An epic podcast with an aim to change how Motherhood is culturally defined and individually experienced.

by Emma Grey & Kaitlyn Bywater

Authentic stories of inspiring individuals navigating parenthood to empower parents through normalizing both the ups and downs.

The Great Birth Rebellion dismantles western beliefs and management of birth and presents an evidence-based alternative to modern birth practices.


PANDA Perinatal Mental Health Real experiences and practical tips for new and expectant parents that encompass the hard parts of parenthood that aren’t talked about enough.

By Mel and B


Helpful apps that are worth having!

peanut logo.jpg


Peanut is a FREE social network that connects you to a community of women at a similar stage in life. From mothers, expectant mothers and those battling infertility. It’s a place where you can build friendships, ask questions and find support. Download the app through the link below.

Download App Here


mum2mum has been designed to provide breastfeeding information and the support you need at your fingertips. Search for breastfeeding information based on your baby or child’s age. Find the answers to some commonly asked questions. Plus you can keep a journal for your baby/child to record their feeds, sleep and nappy changes and more. You can also easily access ABA’s National Breastfeeding Helpline, LiveChat, the website and our store for resources that may assist you in your breastfeeding journey.



Insight Timer is the leading meditation app for sleep, anxiety and stress with over 80,000 FREE guided meditations, FREE yoga sessions, join meditation cirlces with real people and even join live meditations with the world's best teachers, every hour of the day for FREE!


The Wonder Weeks

A personally recommended app for new parents to help understand their baby's neuro development, behaviour and how they see the world all backed up by science!



A holistic app with all things baby! From bonding with your bump to toilet training, this app is filled with helpful information to get you through!


Mind the Bump

Mind the Bump is a free Mindfulness Meditation App to help individuals and couples support their mental and emotional wellbeing in preparation for having a baby and becoming a new parent.

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