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Additional Mama Resources

Your wellbeing is just as important as your children's and so we have put together some additional reputable people and resources that we personally recommend to help you understand your thoughts and body better, leading to a happier mama

The Mummy Trainer

Pre & Postnatal Personal Trainer & Entrepreneur

Sarah or better known as The Mummy Trainer is changing the fitness industry one trainer at a time and the way perinatal women are looking after their bodies. Sarah has 2 children and through her experience returning to exercise herself, discovered the gaps in women’s health particularly for pregnant and postpartum women. She has worked with Womens Health Physiotherapists to create the perfect mummy training app, programs, group and one on one sessions and even has her own certification for other personal trainers to be Mummy Trainer approved which is recognised by Fitness Australia! Sarah is located on the Gold Coast and does have virtual coaching available. She's one of a kind and is really pushing for better perinatal health and exercise education within the fitness industry to reduce pelvic injuries and overall maternal health and wellbeing. She is worth checking out and even has a directory for Mummy Trainer certified personal trainers!

You can also find her on Instagram @themummytrainer

Use the code: POWEROFBIRTH for 30% off!

Additional Resources: Services
Additional Resources: Services

Nicola Laye

Breath & Wellness Coach

Nicola is a mum of two and has been in the women's health industry for over 20 years and is one incredible woman! She is passionate about her work and continues creating a space and community where women are supported, a place where they can get their questions answered without feeling judged and be empowered with tools, techniques and skills to deal with life as a woman. She discovered breath work through being a Pilates instructor and after kicking goals in that field and having some scary but remarkable experiences herself, she pursued breath work and she has a real gift! Nicola is personally recommended by us and is on the Gold Coast but has loads of really great online content and resources. If you are feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, lost, unheard, unseen, disconnected, breathwork is for you!

We all need a little bit of Nicola in our lives!

You can also find her on Instagram @nicolalaye

Breathe & Relax MeditationNicola Laye
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The perfect meditation by Nicola Laye to help you breathe and relax. We recommend doing something like this for yourself every day! Inhale the calm and exhale the overwhelm.

Mama Tribe

Mama meet-up community

Through Mama Tribe, you can find local mums in your area who are interested in catching up online or in person for coffee dates, play dates, movie nights or walks. Members and Ambassadors hold regular meet ups where you can connect with local mamas. You can even host or create your own meet up mama tribe!


Mama Podcasts!

Podcasts are a great way to hear from others who have been right where you are or to help make meaning of your own experiences. Here are a few of our favourites! Most podcasts are available on any podcast app.

By Amelia Phillips

A relatable and real podcast that advocates for women’s health and wellbeing. This podcast is a great listen for every mama who is ready to regain control of their body, mind and life!

Can we talk about this.png

A podcast that talks about taboo topics surrounding motherhood and the gaps in women’s health, with a special focus on perinatal health. We provide practical tips, education and perspective through our guests and ultimately aim to start the conversation to shift the way we think and practice in women’s health and maternal health.

By The Power of Birth

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