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Online Event

The Australasian Birth Trauma Association are an incredible organisation and worthy of our attention. Because 1 in 3 women suffer from birth trauma, psychological and/or physical and there is very low awareness and understanding of birth-related trauma in the community, including pathways to support. ABTA is an incredible organisation that is fighting for change in maternity healthcare and postpartum support to ensure these statistics significantly reduce through lobbying for government funding, research, and training. They also provide free peer-to-peer support groups and programs, mentorship, and online resources and services for women, men, and their families affected by birth trauma. To find out more visit their website:

This fundraiser was epic! We had the perfect guest speakers tackling some hard topics including, Amy Dawes the CEO of ABTA, Nadine Muller Life Coach & Mindset Mentor & birth trauma survivor, Bernadette from Core & Floor Restore, Steph Thompson author of The Day My Vagina Broke, Fiona Reid a midwife and advocate for secondary birth trauma, Shari Lyon the leading Hypnobirthing practitioner and Nicola Laye a breath and wellness coach who finished off with some meditation. 

Together with ticket price and raffle, we raised $2,386.00 and over 10 prizes were won! A big thank you to our sponsors for the event who donated towards the goodie bags and raffle, it really would not have been what it was without you!

See videos of speakers below - this is now available to everyone as it is information, stories and education we should all have access to. Enjoy!

Meet our speakers!
Nadine Muller

ABTA Ambassador and birth trauma survivor, Nadine shares her husband's perspective from a traumatic birth. She is open, authentic, and has a great sense of humour! Nadine now offers life coaching and business mentorship. She has a grassroots women's only community called RISE and is continuously on a mission to support women. In this video, Nadine shares her partner's perspective on birth trauma and the road to healing and transformation.

Find her @nadinemuller
For coaching & business enquiries please email:

Bernadette Lack

Mother, midwife, founder of Core and Floor Restore, PT, author, "previous pant wetter".
B chats about all things pelvic floor, signs and symptoms, missing pieces of antenatal education, and connecting you to your pelvic floor. Now, B does use explicit language in her segment so be mindful of little ears listening in. B is absolutely one of the most real people you will ever meet, prepare to laugh! B understands your pregnancy and postpartum challenges from both a professional and personal perspective. 

Find her @coreandfloorrestore
for all her services and programs 

Stephanie Thompson

Mother, birth trauma survivor, author of The Day My Vagina Broke - What They Don't Tell You About Childbirth, Host of The LowDown Podcast, advocate, and change-maker. Steph shares some intimate details about life after birth injuries / prolapse and shares tips on how you can psychologically heal. Steph has lived through so much and share has so much wisdom to offer.

Find her @bravemumma

Fiona Reid

Midwife of 30 years who has worked in every maternity setting, from home birth to obstetric units to rural to overseas. Midwifery and the care of women and families has formed the flesh and bones and the lifeblood of her professional career. Fiona chats to us about vicarious birth trauma (health workers experiencing trauma from births they support), the complexity and implications of trauma in the system and support.

Fiona works closely with ABTA and if you wish to reach out to her, go to

Shari Lyon

Leading Hypnobirthing practitioner in Australia, Shari shares how she can help you have a positive birth experience no matter how you choose to birth.

Find her @belly2birth

Nicola Laye

Mother, breathwork coach, birth trauma survivor, who has been working with women for 24 years. She’s the best of the best and everyone needs Nicola in their lives! Nicola helps us breathe and connect within ourselves and she is the real deal. Enjoy!

Find her @nicola_laye

Amy Dawes

Video has been removed.

Find ABTA 

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