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When she was listened to, respected and encouraged, it was a game changer for her birth.

My second pregnancy was quite a journey for my partner and I. It took a while to conceive, however when we did she sure let us know she was there. Diagnosed with HG it was a very difficult time especially trying to chase round a toddler. We had relocated by this time and in our state we were offered MGP which I couldn’t be more grateful for in my life. I had my own midwife and I think of her as a female goddess. From the moment I met her I had never felt more calm, collected or empowered in my life. We spoke for a very long time about my fears, concerns and everything in between and by the end of our first appointment I was almost in tears with how calm and reassured I was feeling.

Because of the horrendous HG I had throughout my pregnancy my midwife offered a stretch and sweep at 39 weeks and told me I was already 3-4cm (thank goodness) around lunch time. I left with some hope of it progressing…by 5:30 things had started and I knew I was going to have a baby that night. I waited until hubby got home from work at 6:30pm to let him know we needed to get a move on. He showered and was rather devastated that he couldn’t enjoy his lamb for dinner as we needed to head to hospital by this point. We arrived at 8pm and my midwife was already there. She’d set the room up for me, dim lights, salt lamp and asked me for my music to put on to keep things calm. She asked if I wanted to be checked and I politely declined. She was so calm and reassuring. “Let me know what you need me to do. Listen to your body. You know you can do this." Her positive words of encouragement meant so much to me I remember at around 9:50pm she handed me some ice as I could feel baby transition and I started to struggle. I looked at her and said “I can’t do this” and she looked at me straight in the face and said “yes you can. You are going to meet your baby. Your body is made for this”. I had this strong surge of motivation and strength all of a sudden and I felt so empowered and capable. I began pushing at 10:22pm and with 3 big pushes and no ring of fire I got to meet my second beautiful girl at 10:26pm!

I didn’t feel scared or afraid. I felt a little unsure as I was expecting more pain but it was more pressure and uncomfortable than anything. I put that down to me feeling more cared for and listened too. And it was such a calm experience, one that I will always be thankful for.

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