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From a HG pregnancy to a traumatic birth

By Anonymous

"A lot of doctors, social media influencers etc describe pregnancy and birth as sunshine and rainbows. But a lot of the time it isn't that at all. I have had 3 children and my youngest son is now 9months old his pregnancy was by far the hardest. I suffered the whole 9mnths with extreme Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) which was severe nausea/vomiting, migraines, sciatic nerve pain/damage, swollen everything, gallstones, and extreme heartburn to list a few. My baby was measuring big right from the 8-week mark, above average in everything and as time went on he grew even bigger which put more stress and strain on my body and extreme fatigue from lack of sleep from pregnancy insomnia to extreme sciatic nerve pain which meant I could barely walk, lay, sit and do anything from 16weeks.

I couldn't do the glucose test as I could t keep anything down including the water/juice I took my tablets with daily and if I did keep anything down on the rare occasion it was RITZ crackers or dry toast. I was getting blood tests every week from 20 weeks and scans every 2 weeks until 30 weeks and then it was weekly. At my 35-week check up I pleaded with my doctor to refer me to the hospital doctor who would be delivering my baby so I could be induced. I didn't get my induction date until 38 weeks I would have him at 39 weeks. Which suited me I was over this pregnancy.

39 weeks came and I had to stay overnight at the hospital to get the balloon inserted into my vagina to help dilate me to 3cm for my induction the next morning. That was very painful for me as my pelvic pain was extremely sore by then. The balloon fell out that night (Monday) at 10.30pm, I was extremely hot the doctor prescribed me a sleeping tablet so I could get a good night's sleep. Well, that wasn't the case, I was awake clock-watching all night! The next morning my partner came to the hospital at 6am. At 7am they induced me, 8am they broke my waters which were extremely painful as they couldn't brake them, eventually, they broke and instantly I had contractions. They had given me the most induction drug they could and slowly eased it down until my body was doing it itself. Come 11.30 am I demanded an epidural that later on ended up being a failed epidural. They kept doing the ice test on my feet legs hips and tummy and I kept feeling everything. Every bone in my body felt like it was breaking from the inside out I've never in my 3 pregnancies experienced this pain ever.

My second son was born within 2.5 hours of induction and came so fast, but this little boy was taking his time. Right when I needed to push my partner had to go to the loo and he was absent, I was pushing for 7 minutes he finally came out, fully blue/purple all over limp not breathing and the nurses said it was normal. I knew he needed resuscitation asap and I'm sure I threw him back to them screaming he isn't breathing, I couldn't move as my failed epidural had kicked in and I was now legless. I had 8 pediatricians and about 10 nurses and about 4 doctors enter the room to resuscitate my baby. Apparently, he had MAS (meconium aspiration syndrome) at birth, it was so severe that it caused him to be resuscitated, he also had no sugar levels when he was born and swallowed his poo/wee as he was distressed coming out. The MAS caused a tear in his lung my baby needed to be on oxygen, and PAP test was 0 so he needed help breathing. My partner entered the room as they were taking our baby out to the NICU. I had to birth the placenta which came out looking like a black rock which I knew wasn't healthy and it had knots all the way up it.

We had angels watching over us that day. Four days I stayed in the public hospital and I couldn't fault the care we had. I have suffered birth trauma and I still check my now 9 month old 1000x a night to make sure he is breathing. We are very lucky to have a healthy baby."

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