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Virtual Mothers Circles:
The Matrescence Gathering

Historically, women have gathered in circle to share their life stories, engage in self expression and reflection, set intentions, pass on wisdom, and empowered each other through deep connection, compassion, support, and love. 

The Power of Birth is now offering virtual mother's circles: The Matrescence Gathering, a space designed to bring mothers together from all walks of life, who can offer vulnerability,  wisdom, engage in storytelling, and feel the power of connection, in a place of compassion and free of judgement.

The Matrescence Gathering is for mothers who feel the desire to be with other women, who want to be nurtured, supported, and nourish their soul through exploring their inner self and facets of their matrescence journey. This is a space where you will feel deeply and be supported by the feminine, to acknowledge the unique experiences of becoming a mother, both through its challenges and its joys, its highs and its lows. Gathering in circle helps to heal the wound of disconnect, as we come together to connect. Leaving no mother behind 

What are the benefits of attending?

  • Make meaningful connections with other women

  • Feel grounded and present

  • Be seen, heard, and validated in a loving and supportive environment

  • Practice compassion for others and reap the benefits of that in your life

  • Lean into self compassion and self-love

  • Lower stress and loneliness

  • Gain perspective and be understood

  • A safe space to share your deepest thoughts, joys, and fears

  • Fill your cup - self-care

  • Moral solidarity 

  • Be inspired

It is time you put yourself first, reconnect within, and be present and seen.​

If you are feeling the call to be with women, make sure you book your spot as there is limited availability to keep the sessions intimate.

I am looking forward to connecting with you.




Friday 2nd December 2022

7:15pm AEST

90 minute sessions via Zoom

Only 10 spots available per circle to keep it intimate

All mothers welcome

Once you book your spot an email will be sent with information about the night and what to expect at the circle.

Three Women
Mother and Daughter

About your facilitator & guide

My name is Amber-lee, nice to meet you! I am a mother of 2 and I have this fire in my belly to advocate for better motherhood support and so I am here to do just that! I am a women's health advocate, trained Matrescence Educator and Guide with a degree in Psychological Sciences with Honours and further training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

I know firsthand the unique struggles mothers have in a culture that does not value the feminine or mothering.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of compassion, connection, sharing your story, and honouring each matrescence journey. In coming to a circle, my hope is that your soul will be replenished and that you leave feeling uplifted and nurtured.

I hope you will come to a circle and see how powerful they are. I am looking forward to connecting with you!


This was such a great experience! And I think it’s such a great way to just vent and express exactly how you feel when you know you won’t get any judgement in return and it was so nice to know that you are going to be supported regardless of what you say, that is powerful. You are making such a big difference in so many people's lives and that is truly amazing!!! 

Sarah Pratt

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