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Postpartum from a Filipina Mama

This mama wanted to stay anonymous when sharing a very small part of her journey. I find it fascinating that there are similarities in all cultures when becoming a mother.

This has been translated from Tagalog to English.

"I had an emergency caesarean. I'm not sure why it was an emergency, they never explained that to me.

I feel like maybe I had some postpartum depression. I would wake up at night and just cry so hard. My husband would wake up and tell me if I do that, I'll go crazy. My husband was amazing though. I was treated like a princess. My family cooked, cleaned, washed, and helped me around the house when I was recovering from the caesarean. But I still felt sad. I felt like everyone hated me and I just wanted to leave. I can't explain it and I'm not even really sure why. I couldn't go outside or go anywhere, it was me and the baby and that was most important. So why did I feel so sad? I get upset thinking about that time.

At 3 weeks postpartum I started a new job. That was a little difficult because I was still recovering but it was actually the best thing for me. It helped me feel like a normal person. Being a mum is really hard and staying at home with a baby is really hard. I went on to have another baby, they didn't give me a choice as it had to be another caesarean. The postpartum experience was different that time though and I got to enjoy it more. I took 3 months off before going back to work, they were very kind to me. It's been a few years and I have just found out I am pregnant again!"

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