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"My easiest birth"

"We fell pregnant with our last little girl unexpectedly and I was not prepared for what we were to go through with her. I had the worst case of HG possible all through my pregnancy and as a result of this she was measuring small the whole time. I was so fortunate enough to get my same midwife as with my second and thank goodness because I really needed her through this horrible time. However I was booked for an induction at 39 weeks.

On the morning of 1st June at 38+5 I woke at 4am with some tight tingling and went to the bathroom. I was shocked as I wasn’t expecting for her to decide to come on her own being so small. However I wasn’t in much pain so I decided to shower and just try and relax a little. By 5am things were starting to ramp up so I called my midwife to tell her and she said to let her know when we would leave to go to the hospital. I also woke hubby at that point. At 5:45am I said to him I think we should go! So as we were getting in the car to leave my two older girls woke and obviously upset because they were confused and unsure of what was happening. By the time we settled them down it was 6am and hospital was still a half hour away. I texted my midwife to tell her we were leaving. Things were really heating up. It was happening very fast and I was quickly becoming overwhelmed.

At 6:15am I said to my partner on the drive. “I really think you need to step on it. “ his reply. “We’ll be right” and I looked him dead in the face and replied “no I don’t think we will be”. He stepped on it.

At 6:25 I felt her transition and we were still at least 5 min from hospital. “Babe. She’s transitioning and fast!!!” I yelled. I freaked because all I could think was, I’m going to have this baby in the car! I can feel it. She’s going to be born here in my lap and I’m trying to be calm and think how to catch her safely.

I rang my midwife in a panic after I threw up knowing very well she wasn’t far from being born. “It’s okay. Breathe and try and relax. If you need to push call me back”. I’m 15 away. As we pulled up to hospital I needed to push. I told hubby and he said “let’s try get into the hospital. The admin took one look at me and rang for a wheelchair pushing me to the birth unit, I’m trying not to let this baby fall out of me. The contractions were manageable however the urge to push wasn’t.

We pulled entered the room at 6:31am and they asked to check baby’s heartbeat and kneeling over the bed I couldn’t stand anymore. They couldn’t find it as she was so low. I got on all fours in the bathroom over the ball demanding for my midwife. “She’s on her way" they reassured me. I was scared because she wasn’t there and this was happening so so fast. I needed to push. “She’s coming “ I said. This was at 6:40am. My midwife walked in at 6:42. “I’m here “ she said reassuring me. “You can do this. Listen to your body everything is okay”. I hardly pushed. I I breathed through the next contraction and with a whole lot of pressure she was born at 6:46am. I missed my opportunity to catch her as she literally flew out without knowing when my waters broke. It was fast and intense and so scary but by far my easiest birth and I’m so lucky."

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