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Baby number two. Can we ever say birth gets easier?

Thursday the 16th August 2018 I went and had acupuncture to help get things moving. My son was due on the Sunday but I didn’t want to go over like I did with my daughter. On my way to pick up my daughter I got out of the car to realise my seat was wet. It wasn’t pee, I triple checked. That next day I lost my plug but contractions only started 3am Saturday 18th August. I laboured all day at home, bouncing on the medicine ball, showering and just pacing my house. I started to worry this was going to be another three days of labouring like my daughter because my contractions were all over the place like they were with my daughter. Some would be super intense and last for up to 50 seconds. Some would be less but they would range between every 5 minutes to every 15 Minutes. Because of my last birth I didn’t want to spend long hours at the hospital so spent as much time as I could at home.

It got to night time and I couldn’t eat much because I was in so much pain, so I decided to try and get some sleep just in case we were in for a long one like my daughters birth.

As soon as I laid down contractions were worse and I couldn’t sleep at all. I finally said to my husband that I couldn’t take any more so after being in contact with my midwife all day she decided to meet us in at the hospital.

The long drive into Brisbane on all fours in the back seat was agony with every bump. Once there, after stopping every two minutes to breath through every contraction I finally reached my midwife and I remember falling into her arms and crying. I think it was out of pure relief of finally making it there. She had the tub ready to go but wanted to check me before I climbed in and to my surprise I was 8cm dilated. My husband and I got in and I felt instantly relaxed, I actually turned to my husband and said “I think it’s stopped”. Right after that statement I had a massive contraction and felt massive pressure and a big pop. My waters had broken.

My body all of a sudden on its own just started pushing. I hadn’t felt any of these things with my previous birth, the pressure or the ‘Ring of Fire’ as they like to call it. So I was in new territory.

It was painful and amazing at the same time and after a few pushes my husband received our son in the water and pushed him up to me to pull him up for his first cuddles.

We were so in love with our little Lennox Charlie Jose, born just after 2am on his due date, August 19th at 8 pound 12 ounces. We were in love yet again but I turned to my husband and said that I was never doing that again. Here I am now though, only weeks away from giving birth to baby number 3, thank goodness we do forget, kinda.

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