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An empowering birth

When I was in the final weeks of my 3rd trimester, 38 weeks pregnant to be exact I had a stretch and sweep, a pregnancy induction massage, as I was already 1cm dilated but not signs of labour. I had what my OB refers to as false labour which is Braxton Hicks that would commence everyday at 4pm and then completely disappear around 9pm. So it was frustrating knowing my body was gearing up but not actually advancing I was very active throughout my pregnancy and very rarely sat down to “relax” in those last weeks

Saturday 04.02.17 my husband had a full on day out and about doing last minute things (my mucus plug had come out the day before, so we knew labour won’t be too far away)and then we had some friends call in, which ended up with my hubby getting drunk after our friends left for the night it was around 10pm.

I woke around 1pm with a painful Braxton Hicks but was able to go back to sleep, I woke again at 2:30am to another very strong and painful Braxton hick and lower back pain, I initially thought I’ve over done it and now I’ve hurt myself as I was ripping up grass in the backyard with a pick on the Friday getting ready to lay pavers for a patio - yes I know I’m crazy the pain wasn’t easing up so I went to wake my hubby up who had passed out on the lounge, I told him to shower and he might want to consider packing his bag as I think we might need to get looked at as my lower back was killing me. I rang the hospital just after 3am and spoke to the on duty midwife and she said it doesn’t sound like labour as I’m able to hold a conversation with her and my “Braxton Hicks” were 5mins apart. I was also told because I was a first time mummy that labour usually goes for 12 hours or longer and since my waters hadn’t broken that I should continue to stay home, however if the pain got to much to handle come in for an assessment.

I rang my mum at 4am and told her what was happening, she arrived at mine shortly before 5am and my contractions were in full swing, I was in a hot shower, and that hot water was so blissful on my lower back.

Come 6am My hubby had finished packing the car and his bags, and asked my mum how far apart my contractions were and both my mum and I said not sure, she he timed them and had a freak out as they were 1min apart. After a small disagreement as he wanted to go to the hospital and I didn’t as I didn’t want to be there for another 10hrs plus my waters still hadn’t broken so I thought I had time. He won the disagreement.

We arrived at the hospital just after 7am, I said leave the bags in the car we can always come back to get them etc, so after walking the long corridors to the maternity ward we arrived and i had the massive contraction that I couldn’t control or breathe out... I was very very loud.. all these midwives came through this door ready for action haha I was made to walk to the birthing suit while answering all the midwifes routine questions, I really needed to pee and I was told that would be baby pushing on my bladder.

Once in the birthing suite I attempted to pee with no luck, I then had another out of control contraction and asked for a shot of pethidine, I was told that I needed to be assessed to see how dilated I am before they could determine what pain relief to give. The midwife put all the monitors around my belly, my contractions were strong, so they confirmed I was in active labour, I got checked and presented at the hospital 8cm dilated, I wasn’t allowed any pain medication as I was so close to delivery, so I was given gas, about 5-10mins after the midwife checked my cervix I started pushing, I was told not yet and to wait, she coach me to breathe through the urge to push, btw my water still hadn’t broken by this stage either!

I was able to breathe through one urge of pushing then I said I can’t stop it, I have to push. The midwife checked me again and I was about to crown. The midwife had to break my waters and I asked for a hot compress for my perineum. Baby’s heart rate had lowered so I needed to change my position, I was flipped on my left side and right leg straight up in the air. Roughly 20 mins of pushing and Noah James Playford was earth side 8:01am Sunday 05.02.17 6lbs 6oz. My labour was 5 hours. I had a small internal tear and a lot of bleeding, the on call OB took over and managed to stop the bleeding, I was told later by hubby that they had requested the operating theater to be prepared for me, thankfully I didn’t need it. Apart for being extremely bruised and swollen my recovery was very quick and at my 6 week postpartum appointment with my OB my internal tear had completely healed.

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